Sitework, Erosion & Seeding Supply Company supplies HDPE pipe 4”-60”, metal and aluminized pipe 12”-120” and concrete pipe 12”-72”
HDPE pipe is our largest selling storm drainage pipe. We stock only Virgin M294 watertight pipe. If you are unaware of the difference between virgin M294 pipe and recycled F2648 pipe please see some of the attached documents. Recycled F2648 pipe is intended for agriculture use only and not intended for municipal use. It is not allowed on NC DOT or Federal projects. We stock one of the highest quality HDPE pipes in the industry, all double wall pipes are watertight and a true 20 ft joint.
Metal & Aluminized pipe can be supplied from 12” to 120”, we typically order this pipe due to low demand. We can supply pipe coated, plain, aluminized and paved. We can supply specific lengths up to 50 ft. We also have the ability to fabricate pond risers and special order requests.
Concrete pipe can be ordered from 12”-72”. Joints are 4 ft or 8 ft.